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Founded in September 2016, universallottopro.com is the first of its kind, offering people the chance to select lotto numbers based on a scientific approach.

Since the number of countries offering lotto games has been increasing substantially in recent years, as well as the number of players around the world, whom each has a dream to fulfill in order to improve their lifestyle.

Unlike most of the Lotto number generator applications that offer users, random numbers that are not based on any scientific approach, our system is based on an advanced smart Lotto software developed by our dedicated team of mathematicians, developers and designers which will definitely help the users increase their chances of winning any lotto game universally.

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  • Hi everyone, I’m Sofia and I’m Matias. I’ve been telling Matias that by having a little patience, change will come to our lives one day. And finally, with the Universal Lotto Pro application, the change has come and we won the Lotto for the first time in our lives. Thank you for changing our lives and for this new opportunity!

    A couple from Spain
  • I’m a high profile player of Universal Lotto Pro. Ever since it’s been a win win situation for me. The scientists did a great job in creating this amazing app that offers you winning numbers. I highly recommend it to big players like me. This is “Lotto Analytics Done Right!”

    Bud from Oklahoma
  • I have been playing lottery for some time now, but I have never really won a single prize. Using the Universal Lotto Pro, I was pleasantly surprised when I received 2 emails within 3 weeks telling me that I won.

    It’s an amazing application. I can generate my winning numbers from my smart phone anytime and anywhere!

    Yumi from Japan
  • I think the Universal Lotto Pro can be the best gift offer to your loved ones on any occasion; Birthday, Christmas, thanksgiving, anniversary. If you don’t have enough money to buy them a gift, just buy them with as little as $9.99 the best opportunity to win thousands or even millions. Your father, mother, brother, sister, or friends will definitely appreciate receiving the chance to win big!! With Universal Lotto Pro: The Odds are In Your Favor!

    Sharon from Canada
  • I definitely recommend Universal Lotto Pro! It’s an amazing application that helps you increase your chances for winning by predicting the Lotto game numbers based on scientific approach using advanced algorithms. Ever since I purchased the application, I have been a winner!! It’s the Real Time Lotto Advisor!

    An from China
  • Hi everyone! I’m Annie and I’m Michael, we got married 2 years ago and we’re so excited because we’re expecting a baby in 6 months. But we’re so worried about managing all the monthly expenses. With our regular jobs, there’s no chance to increase our income. Our friend John who won the 3rd prize in the state lottery, recommended us to buy the Universal Lotto Pro that has substantially increased his chances in winning the Lotto games. He didn’t win the 1st prize, but he has definitely started to win more often. He started hitting more numbers than any other time before. John showed us how the system works, and, OMG ! It’s like magic! And it feels like the system can predict numbers more accurately. Let’s buy this app right now!!

    A couple from Atlanta
  • Hi, Universal Lotto Pro is definitely a very smart system that will add value to the Lotto addicts! You simply get the Numbers You Need to Win!

    It’s the Lottery Master Technology!

    Angelina from Massachusetts
  • I definitely recommend the Universal Lotto Pro! It’s an amazing software that helps you increase your chances for winning by predicting the Lotto game numbers based on scientific algorithm ……….. Ever since I purchased the app, I have been a winner!! It’s the Real Time Lotto Advisor!

    Tom from London


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