How to play:

Universallottopro™ is a very simple application to use that helps you generate recommended lotto numbers of almost any Lotto game in the world using two different ways of playing your game:

First Way:

A. By pressing “Select a game” button, you will have access to around 50 of the major lotto games around the world.

B. Once you select your desired game, you will have to select the method for generating the number, you can choose either the delta method or the historical data method.

C. In case you choose to play the historical data method, you can simply click on the “GENERATE” button and the system will automatically generate 100 recommended combinations based on the historical data, or you can click on “View data” button to edit the latest available results (read the below section of historical data to learn how to update the lotto results).

D. In case you choose to play the Super delta method, you can either click on “GENERATE” and the system will automatically generate 100 recommended combinations based on the Super delta method, or you can manually select your delta numbers from 1 to 15 as per the explanation in the below section (Super Delta Method).

Second Way:

A. By pressing “NEW” you can customize any lotto game and save it to your personal system. . Simply insert a name for your lotto game and you can optionally insert a country code or a URL so it can automatically update. Then select the number of lotto numbers you desire and the range (e.g. 1 to 45), you can also include supplementary numbers if you wish.

B. You can then proceed to select your customized game from the dropdown list and then choose the desired method (Historical data or delta methods) as explained above.

Super Delta Method:

The numbers 5, 10, 17, 27, 30, 35 can be represented with a series of much smaller numbers by calculating the difference (in other words, delta) between them. The difference between 5 and 10 is 5, while the difference between 10 and 17 is 7, and so on.
So, the delta method would describe the above series as 5, 5, 7, 10, 3, 5.

In 90% of the cases, these delta numbers are smaller than 10. The advantage of this method is that instead of picking six numbers from 1 to 50 you’re now picking six numbers from 1 to 10, which greatly lowers the possible combinations!

Historic Data Method:

This method examines past lotto drawings and picks the most common numbers. No lottery machine is perfect, some numbers will occur more frequently than others.

If you selected a built-in game mode, this historical data is already inputted. For a custom game, you need to add numbers in the View Data submenu. You can also update the numbers for any built-in game in the same submenu.

If the game has an Update URL added to it, the Update button will appear. Otherwise please find a website that lists such past drawings. Some websites may not be supported. Simply press Ctrl+A and select everything on the page, copy and paste to the textbox and press Parse.

Note:Please make sure that you selected the correct number format in the Game Rules menu, including number of balls and the highest allowed numbers, otherwise the parsing algorithm will reject the data.

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